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Continuing the Journey

On this continuing journey of a thousand steps and more, on earth hand in hand with Jesus, in the embrace of my Father, I find peace of indescribable beauty. My journey with Jesus is difficult for many to understand; for Jews, for Muslims, for atheists – even for Christians. I subscribe to a loving, grace-filled […]

A Few Good Friends

I am lucky to find myself late in life with a few good friends with whom I can be completely transparent, completely myself. I am accepted by them not in spite of my weakness, but loved because the weakness is part of my whole; it makes me who I am, and I am seen by […]

Grace and Sin

Love and Judgment I have a friend who is perplexed about the emphasis “we” Christians place on sin. Well, I admit, sometimes I’m perplexed, too. Sin before Christ is accepted (Is our mission to call out sin?) I often read or hear the following rationalizations from evangelizing Christians: “If we don’t point out their sin, […]