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Learning the Verses of Bird Song

You carry your love song to me Through the verses of the day’s bird song As I learn to hear your sweet voice I’m carried by you all day long   If flitting on some finespun fronds Or balancing on highest limb Your voice arrives in known refrain Ethereal and graceful hymn   Ah, robin, […]

In Praise

They Know Even as gray clouds obscure blue skies birds sweetly sing praises to You. Your name floats along their song as they lift it onto the morning mist.   They know even in winter’s frost You provide for them and they give thanks.   Stark branches are aerial risers from which this chorus croons, […]

Feathered Leaves

Dear Heavenly Father, You delight me in the early morning as I stare at barren trees. The dead leaves barely hanging onto wintry, sleeping branches suddenly come alive at the noise of the garbage trucks arriving. Not dead leaves at all, but resting birds, warming themselves in your rising sun, watching the mountain turn from […]