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Thoughts Post-surgery

My Friday and Sunday posts were pre-scheduled. Today, I’m home post-surgery. Thanks to God, everything went smoothly. I also thank my surgeons, Dr. Song and Dr. Kanka, my anesthesiologist, and the nurses who assisted and comforted me during the process: Tambra and Ruby, Edith and Lolly. Now that I’m home and thinking back on everything, […]

Hearing Jesus

Transformed by Love, His Word I hear When I, His gift of grace accept; This blessing makes His voice ring clear.   But struggle I to feel Him near When chained by fear Him I reject; Transformed by Love, His Word I hear.   Yet Jesus gives me ears to hear As my heart opens […]

Feathered Leaves

Dear Heavenly Father, You delight me in the early morning as I stare at barren trees. The dead leaves barely hanging onto wintry, sleeping branches suddenly come alive at the noise of the garbage trucks arriving. Not dead leaves at all, but resting birds, warming themselves in your rising sun, watching the mountain turn from […]

Heart Condition

An Overwhelming Love Sometimes, the love of God overwhelms me. When I think back on my life before I loved Him in return, it was empty. I couldn’t see Him. I didn’t recognize His daily miracles. I wasn’t aware of His grace and mercy. I was unable to comprehend the deep peace He offers – […]