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I Turn to You

  As words become more harsh and bleak And people speak in fits of pique Restraint becomes my point of view I turn to You, I turn to You.   My anger and concerns disperse As heart to heart in You submerse Transform my soul, my mind’s renewed I turn to You, I turn to […]

God’s Songbirds

My Lord is here beside me still; I hear him in the morning trill of songbird love and cadenced calls, the hummingbird clicks musical, sounds my heart fills.   I love the morning hours when I hear the cardinal, the wren, and know God’s looking in my eyes, “Good morning, you’re my treasured prize.” I […]

Yes, It’s Love

As I attempt to determine amidst disorganization how to keep my thoughts on you, Lord, it’s just to you my heart is moored: adoration.   When Satan gains we see no light that’s visible to guide, unite. This circumstance calls for our trust, our patience and our refocused views from God’s sight.   While Jesus […]

Gospel of Grace

How easy it is to argue positions Promoting derision Advancing suspicions Inflaming division.   When we let our mind be swayed by distractions Building up obstructions Speaking with aggression Fixing on rejection   We lose our strong hold on Christ’s grace foundation Forget His commission To offer compassion A hand of inclusion   And unconstrained […]

Walk With Him

“For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (Matthew 7:14) When I walk with You, I walk on air. When You hold my hand, it can’t compare To the peace I feel when You touch me with grace, And my heart You […]

Where is My Church?

My church is in the sky, Where the shapes of the clouds Remind me of the things of the earth.   My church is on the ground, Where fruits and vegetables grow, And blossoms flourish in colorful array.   My church is in my car, Where I listen to gravelly voices Who sing of pain […]

Maturing Faith

Children call each other names; if wrong, refuse to take the blame. They make their choices out of fear instead of knowing Love is near. They do not know God’s saving grace nor understand His full embrace.   When we love God with all our mind, we grow as Spirit does remind us of our […]

Righteous Ears

If immigrants and refugees and poor are not “the least of these,” then who are we to feed and care for, clothe and see to their welfare? If we don’t honor God’s own plea, how well with our souls will it be?   With wealthy people getting more and ethics walking out the door how […]

There is a Season

Let the rain come; the Lord will send the sun He sends one thing on which we can rely When grief is nigh, look always for the Son   Winter storms crush; He leaves us not undone Look toward the spring; seek glimpses of blue sky Let the rain come; the Lord will send the […]

I Take it All to You

When my emotions drift and flare And I can’t see beyond my sight I take it all to You in prayer.   In times of stress, in great despair, You are the One who makes it right When my emotions drift and flare.   Identifying day’s nightmare As doubt or fear creeps, I hold tight […]