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Dancing With God

Don’t criticize me for my dance with God, who brings me confidence. He lifts my mind up from despair because I know He’s everywhere.   The Father’s lavish love implants my heart with kindness in advance of meeting strangers unaware, because I know He’s everywhere.   Through Jesus, grace shows evidence of living water when […]

Continuing the Journey

On this continuing journey of a thousand steps and more, on earth hand in hand with Jesus, in the embrace of my Father, I find peace of indescribable beauty. My journey with Jesus is difficult for many to understand; for Jews, for Muslims, for atheists – even for Christians. I subscribe to a loving, grace-filled […]

A Few Good Friends

I am lucky to find myself late in life with a few good friends with whom I can be completely transparent, completely myself. I am accepted by them not in spite of my weakness, but loved because the weakness is part of my whole; it makes me who I am, and I am seen by […]

Maturing Faith

Children call each other names; if wrong, refuse to take the blame. They make their choices out of fear instead of knowing Love is near. They do not know God’s saving grace nor understand His full embrace.   When we love God with all our mind, we grow as Spirit does remind us of our […]

There is a Season

Let the rain come; the Lord will send the sun He sends one thing on which we can rely When grief is nigh, look always for the Son   Winter storms crush; He leaves us not undone Look toward the spring; seek glimpses of blue sky Let the rain come; the Lord will send the […]

Clarity in Him

As I awaken to the rain, I feel the chill of the air outside. I always leave a window open in my bedroom in order to breathe fresh air overnight. The combination of drizzle and fog creates a heavy haze which hangs over the morning and my heart. I know I shouldn’t, but I listen […]

He is Here (Revelation 3:20)

Forgotten first love, our hunger is lacking We’ve left Him adrift in a sea of disdain He stands at the door, awaiting the asking.   We no longer see what with Him we obtain The Vine feeds the branch, but we want our poison We’ve left Him adrift in a sea of disdain.   Hold […]

The One Who Set Me Free

Sitting across the table with The One Who set me free, enjoying a cup of early morning coffee.   He warms my hands in His. He speaks to me of Grace and Unity; the sweetness of His breath embraces me in unconditional love.   “Do not worry or be anxious; do not fear or grieve […]

The Need for Tuesday Christians

Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace “But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malicious behavior, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth. Be wise in the way you act toward those who are outside the Christian faith. Make the most of every opportunity. Everything you say should be gracious and kind, (seasoned […]

Steadfast Faith

In steadfast faith I love my God Though prayers sometimes hang in midair As I remain imprisoned here And feel as though He does not care.   So many others rise to fame While wealth and power still do reign Yes, eating with the poor is nice We’re occupied, there is no gain.   I […]