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One Way Loyalty

It is a mistaken belief that God requires our loyalty. Believing this makes our God a small and punitive God; He is the opposite. The truth about our God is that both His Love and His Loyalty are One Way. Because of our Father’s character, He loves us. Because of Jesus’ character, He bestows Compassion, […]

Breathing Under Water

When circumstances bring me down sinking, thinking I might drown, I call to Father, Spirit, Lord, and listen for his voice’s chords; sweet upside down.   As I abide in daily walk I’m thankful for the interlock of hand and heart and renewed mind. He breaks the chains which choke and bind; He’s more than […]

Are We Ugly Ducklings or Swans?

When I first became a “Christian” just over ten years ago, I did so in spite of the messages of condemnation I heard from church leaders and the fundamentalist right. I walked toward Jesus in spite of the legalism that seemed to permeate the narration of the Gospel. How was I able to make the […]