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Right to Life

Cancer, diabetes, bipolar, addictions, pre-existing conditions. Who cares if we live or die as long we’re no longer in the womb.   Seniors and the poor face higher costs and less coverage; babies born sick get none. Where has compassion gone? Is this still my country?   People in the top 1% of wealth get […]

Health Care

It’s rare that I write a wholly political post. And frankly, I wish this topic didn’t even enter the realm of politics. Unfortunately, it does because of statements like former Republican Representative and radio talk show host Joe Walsh’s tweet in response to Jimmy Kimmel’s1 recent story about his newborn son’s heart condition: “Sorry Jimmy […]

Sheep & Goats

  My name is not a curse word or a password into heaven. When you say you believe then why not live like you’re My child.   With mud on your face, don’t go to those with a wash cloth to wipe a smudge off their face or gripe about sins different than yours.   […]