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While Chaos Looms

While chaos looms and swirls above and all seems hopeless now, the Lord has your heart in His hands and to you makes these vows:   As He gives power to the weak, He strengthens those who trust. The hopeful soar on eagles’ wings And walk with Humblest.1   “I give you plans for peace,” […]

Love I Can’t Ignore

Surrounded by a whistling round In trees outside my sliding door I marvel at Your reveille Stirs love for You I can’t ignore   I’m captured by dawn’s dulcet sound Into my heart Your grace does pour And think of Your most joyfully Stirs love for You I can’t ignore   Your love for me […]

With Thanks

With thanks I meet You Lord today. Your blessings infinite array Are set before me endlessly From rose to birds to sky and sea; May ever I breathe Your bouquet.   Though troubles come or they abate To You constantly will I pray For still Your love and grace are free. With thanks I meet […]

5 Positive Things that Occur When Disciples Leave Church

Numerous articles are published and posted listing reasons why Christians should go to church and the lousy excuses we make for avoiding church attendance on Sundays. We all pretty much know the reasons people leave, so I won’t list them here. Pastors and others in church leaderships make lots of assumptions about what happens to […]


We are all like tender kites; fragile cloth and frames, grounded yet unable to fly. Unaware of the gift of grace until His love, as the mighty wind, lifts us, upholds us, swirls within, lets us reemerge so we perceive and soar on His wings, our sight and heart transformed to new heights and new […]


When we are faced with choosing love Our gazes do not see The precious ones God placed on earth; Our heart gives breach entrée.   A neighbor we ignore today Expands the fissure’s gap. The less we love, the more we’re prone To Shadow’s fearful trap.   The less we love, the less we love […]

In The Key of Love

I often hear songs that immediately remind me of the Lord. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about listening to Bob Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love and hearing the voice of Jesus sing the words. Yesterday, a dear friend and sweet sister shared this song called The Scientist by Cold Play’s Chris Martin. […]

Fearing Love

Why do we fear God’s love so much? It’s so easy for us to point out the sins of our brothers and sisters, so effortless to gossip about this one’s failings, that group’s lifestyle, another one’s fall from grace. So uncomplicated to express our self-righteous opinions on a red cup, a God-given right (when it’s […]

Little Parable, Big Lessons

The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus There was this rich man who had everything—purple clothing of fine quality and high fashion, gourmet meals every day, and a large house. Just outside his front gate lay this poor homeless fellow named Lazarus. Lazarus was covered in ugly skin lesions. He was so hungry he […]

Love Lifts like Wings

We hop upon a hamster wheel Our busy life pretends it’s real We give our minds to pointless things When love could lift our hearts like wings   Clear minds the enemy conceals Our joy and focus seeks to steal Confusion reigns as he pulls strings When love could lift our hearts like wings   […]