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Just a Seed?

To siblings in the faith who fear their seeds of love may not be heard or gone astray: Take heart; like me, I know your hearts do bleed yet we must not surrender to dismay. Our call the sheep of Jesus is to feed and do our best His true heart to convey amid exclusion, […]


You called me salt; You called me light. I pray my heart Your heart delights. Your Spirit lifts, Your light is mine; Through unveiled face Your glory shines.   With You the darkness flees the night. Your word my love for You ignites. I taste the bread and sip the wine; Through unveiled face Your […]

A Lifetime of Small Surrenders

In his famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells his listeners their righteousness must exceed that of the religious leaders. (Matthew 5:20) He speaks of intent. The Pharisees don’t understand because they’ve spent a lifetime controlling their actions to show their righteousness rather than changing their hearts and minds. They became the kind of people […]

The Usual Aspects

Jesus clearly taught evil and sin is not what goes into our mouths but what comes out of it from the abundance of the heart. (Matthew 15:17-18) Clinton, Bush, Sanders, O’Malley, Paul, Huckabee, grilling, bashing, debunking, soliciting, accusing, claiming, peaking, raging, flip-flopping, pledging. And we still have such a long way to go. Let all […]

So, Getting Back to Love…

Christianity isn’t about figuring out how to get Jesus to consent to me being a jerk to someone else. My calling is clear: In this life, I don’t get to play God, I get to imitate Jesus. John Pavlovitz, Stuff That Needs To Be Said I’m doing my best to get back to basics. What exactly is […]

Humility and Surrender

Psalm 139 Part 4 The Forgiveness of Grace “Many of us have a mental picture of what a Christian should be, and looking at this image in other Christians’ lives becomes a hindrance to our focusing on God.” Oswald Chambers 17 How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of […]

This is My Church

In this next week, as the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving wanes and Advent approaches, I want to share with you a few reflections. I know these thoughts will strike deeply for some because they echo the thoughts in my poem, Stepping Away, which received moving and profound comments. For others, they may raise questions or […]


You Sing My Praise You delight in me; how could I forsee? You sing my praise! My heart’s ablaze, does still amaze and humble me. I surmise I’m Your prize; You are my reward. Spirit inside, in accord, my Lord.


My Prince You saw my sin, my back was turned I lived inside the dark I’d fallen so far off the path I could not disembark.   I searched for exits, any signs That I might turn and flee I did not recognize my Prince Who came to set me free.   You whispered and […]


Faith’s Passion Yeshua, you’re my only One, Your heart is whose I crave. I want to know you more each day, I am your humble slave.   I study everything you say, It’s you for whom I yearn. Your words have meaning, depth, import, It’s those I care to learn.   As Spirit plants his […]