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Hope and Grace

When I rest in Him, employ His eyes There remains no human I despise. We are all His flesh; we are jars of His clay Shaped and made to display God’s full hope and grace; God’s hope and grace.   Though we may use words to slight and shame, Underneath we are flesh, blood and […]

The Independent Sovereignties of America

Reality and Hope Are we still the United States of America? Have we ever been?   Sovereignty:  1) the quality or state of being sovereign, or of having supreme power or authority.    2) supreme and independent power or authority in government as possessed or claimed by a state or community. 3) a sovereign or independent […]

Ode to America

Between our Ocean coasts are the most varied people on the planet. We are from every country (whether or not we chose to be here). We are from every religion, culture, color of skin education level, economic class and point of view.   We are like a family who argues so passionately spittle shoots out […]

Coming Out of the Closet

No, not that closet (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) It’s my sixty-sixth birthday today and it’s finally time to be free. I’ve been in the closet for too long because I’ve been gripped by stigma and shame. Only two friends and a small number of bloggers know about my illness because I am […]

Words Matter

“Let the person who has ears listen!” Then he added, “Take care what you listen to. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given—and you will receive even more.” (Mark 4:23-24) As we move forward to the end of the year, we have some choices to make about the words we say […]

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon and I am slipping away; I am holding on by a thread.   I stopped for groceries on my way home from church and asked a young black man stocking produce if I could give him a hug. He tenderly asked me if I was all right.   Weeping is just below the […]

With Thanks

With thanks I meet You Lord today. Your blessings infinite array Are set before me endlessly From rose to birds to sky and sea; May ever I breathe Your bouquet.   Though troubles come or they abate To You constantly will I pray For still Your love and grace are free. With thanks I meet […]

Hope Ever New

The poet’s Hope has sweet song and feathers. My hope, sweet too, alive in small details Bursts forth when sight to Father is tethered.   His wings safeguard in all kinds of weather With power and peace which always prevails. The poet’s Hope has sweet song and feathers.   His fragrance floats in from fields […]


May we all take a breath and inhale this innocent hope for our future.

Prisoner of Hope

Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us, even as we hope in you. Psalm 33:22 Willingly your captive, prisoner of hope Persevered to woo me, grace and love your gift Willingly your captive, prisoner of hope   Rescued me from hunger, hollowness adrift Beckoned me, asked nothing, freely gave your grace Persevered to […]