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Breathing Under Water

When circumstances bring me down sinking, thinking I might drown, I call to Father, Spirit, Lord, and listen for his voice’s chords; sweet upside down.   As I abide in daily walk I’m thankful for the interlock of hand and heart and renewed mind. He breaks the chains which choke and bind; He’s more than […]

Yes, It’s Love

As I attempt to determine amidst disorganization how to keep my thoughts on you, Lord, it’s just to you my heart is moored: adoration.   When Satan gains we see no light that’s visible to guide, unite. This circumstance calls for our trust, our patience and our refocused views from God’s sight.   While Jesus […]

A Magnificat

Like one of the nine* I have been receiving, yet devoid of praise. My thanks for You does not begin to speak and pray the many ways You lift, transform and heal within. To You my heart and soul I raise and with this Spirit I rejoice, My savior, humbled at Your voice.   At […]


  I live in the U.S. in the State of California and I voted this morning. Did my Christian world view influence the way I voted? Sure. How could it not. I’m also a 65-year-old woman. That also influenced the way I voted. So did the sum total of my life experience. So now I […]

Not Home Yet

In the stillness of Sunday’s morning air I’m reminded that I am not home yet. To You Lord I lift this Sabbath day prayer   While times I discount I’m whole in Your care You completely and gladly paid my debt; In the stillness of Sunday’s morning air   The depths of Your love I’m […]

Fog and Sun

When death did call the other morn and shook me to my core, too panicked I to call His Name, The One to call out for.   Curled up in blankets, slept away the day in dread and fear. I could not cast aside the fog; my thinking wasn’t clear.   Yet mercy riding on […]

With Thanks

With thanks I meet You Lord today. Your blessings infinite array Are set before me endlessly From rose to birds to sky and sea; May ever I breathe Your bouquet.   Though troubles come or they abate To You constantly will I pray For still Your love and grace are free. With thanks I meet […]

Dear God,

My thanks are oft in short supply, Regard for You tends to belie The deep and constant love I feel. Your tenderness has such appeal; always nearby.   So thank you for the rain today, For Spring’s fresh smell and growth’s array Which fills my senses glistening new. Your crisp, pure sprouts push into view; […]

Learning the Verses of Bird Song

You carry your love song to me Through the verses of the day’s bird song As I learn to hear your sweet voice I’m carried by you all day long   If flitting on some finespun fronds Or balancing on highest limb Your voice arrives in known refrain Ethereal and graceful hymn   Ah, robin, […]

Kitchen Table Conversation: Justice

What is justice And what it isn’t “Here is My Servant whom I have chosen, My Beloved, in whom I take great delight. I will put My Spirit on Him, and He will proclaim justice to the nations.” Matthew 12:18 (Isaiah 42:1-2) According to Dictionary.com: Justice: the quality of being just Just: guided by truth, […]