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Clarity in Him

As I awaken to the rain, I feel the chill of the air outside. I always leave a window open in my bedroom in order to breathe fresh air overnight. The combination of drizzle and fog creates a heavy haze which hangs over the morning and my heart. I know I shouldn’t, but I listen […]

The Politics of Racism

One hundred fifty years ago, just after the end of the Civil war, the Republican Party was the party of equal justice for African Americans. The Democrat Party was the party of holding onto slavery and discrimination. Take a look: *December 6, 1865: Republican Party’s 13th Amendment, banning slavery, is ratified 1865: The KKK launches […]

Like Moths to Light

We Christians talk about seeking light, as moths seek light in the darkness. The truth is, we talk more about darkness; we seek it and cling to it while offering rationalizations for doing so. Just look at this election. We desire Christ’s name, but not His words, not His commands. In our modern era we […]


Back in January, I posted a Letter to the Candidates concerning the tenor of their character and blueprints of their respective campaigns, pleading with both to find the higher ground. Okay, let’s get real. Those who are steadfastly voting for Hillary will vote for her regardless of her transgressions; those who are steadfastly voting for […]

The Usual Aspects

Jesus clearly taught evil and sin is not what goes into our mouths but what comes out of it from the abundance of the heart. (Matthew 15:17-18) Clinton, Bush, Sanders, O’Malley, Paul, Huckabee, grilling, bashing, debunking, soliciting, accusing, claiming, peaking, raging, flip-flopping, pledging. And we still have such a long way to go. Let all […]