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My Heart’s Content

His voice is in the rising sun, the melody of songbird scales; in fragrant, fragile viburnum, first taste of coffee, fresh and hale. I breathe the air in of the Son; the Spirit helps me to prevail. When daily in relationship He shapes this unique workmanship.   With Him in me I feel the drum […]

His Name

Our failing lies in lauding past, in worshiping it first and last, too closely letting law rule mind, neglecting love and grace that bind us to the Lord who gave us these to break our chains, our troubles ease.   Today we’re no more master/slave; God sent Christ to His children save. His grace and […]

A Diet of Praise

The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship. Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make him known. They speak without a sound or word; their voice is never heard. Yet their message has gone throughout the earth, and their words to all the world. (Psalm 19:1-4) […]

A Magnificat

Like one of the nine* I have been receiving, yet devoid of praise. My thanks for You does not begin to speak and pray the many ways You lift, transform and heal within. To You my heart and soul I raise and with this Spirit I rejoice, My savior, humbled at Your voice.   At […]

Where do I Praise God?

Some say church is the only place Where I can lift God’s name in praise Yet every day I feel His grace And worship Him in many ways.   At rest outside, coffee in hand, Trees, flowers, birds – His grand displays – Remind me how His beauty spans; My tears of joy to Him […]

Love I Can’t Ignore

Surrounded by a whistling round In trees outside my sliding door I marvel at Your reveille Stirs love for You I can’t ignore   I’m captured by dawn’s dulcet sound Into my heart Your grace does pour And think of Your most joyfully Stirs love for You I can’t ignore   Your love for me […]

Debt Repaid

To lift me up is Your intent First comes Your grace, then I repent Your love received, and I relent My heart’s laid bare, to You present And only with my full consent.   You never force, You woo, invite And want the best, to put aright Although we may not be contrite You love […]

Ode to Psalm 119

Acrostic A in Fourteen Syllables Almighty God, Creator Maker of things visible and invisible, to You I lift my hand, raise my voice. Adoring me so greatly You sacrificed Your One Son. Anointed, Jesus lived, taught, suffered, died, overcame death, abides in me now through the Holy Spirit’s grace and peace. Acquiescing to Your will, […]

Short Hiatus

Lovely Friends, I apologize for being remiss in visiting your blogs these last two weeks. I have been packing for a long-awaited move into affordable senior housing. The list has been long, but my name finally came up, and the Lord has graciously moved the process along quickly. I am moving this weekend! Unfortunately, I […]


You Sing My Praise You delight in me; how could I forsee? You sing my praise! My heart’s ablaze, does still amaze and humble me. I surmise I’m Your prize; You are my reward. Spirit inside, in accord, my Lord.