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One Way Loyalty

It is a mistaken belief that God requires our loyalty. Believing this makes our God a small and punitive God; He is the opposite. The truth about our God is that both His Love and His Loyalty are One Way. Because of our Father’s character, He loves us. Because of Jesus’ character, He bestows Compassion, […]

Listening to Each Other

Ted Talk by Anand Giridharadas

Is Grace Really That Amazing?

Nearly every Christian I know talks about amazing grace. We discuss it in church. Books have been written about it from Paul Ellis to Max Lucado to Andy Stanley to Lee Strobel to Philip Yancey (just to name a few out of over 100 pages on Amazon.com). Not to mention the number of songs. It’s […]

Humility and Surrender

Psalm 139 Part 4 The Forgiveness of Grace “Many of us have a mental picture of what a Christian should be, and looking at this image in other Christians’ lives becomes a hindrance to our focusing on God.” Oswald Chambers 17 How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of […]

Endless Grace

As churches preach of sin and wrong In droves God’s people leave; they long For Jesus and a welcome space. Come, know our Father’s endless grace.   When Jesus lived he spoke of things Like love, forgiveness, God as King. It’s time to shout of God’s embrace! Come, know our Father’s endless grace.   He […]