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The Turtle

The struggle to remain in your embrace When burdened with life’s worries, grief and fear Becomes a hindrance all too commonplace Thought first it was horrific and severe. Oppressed beneath the weight of my disgrace Ashamed, to you I no more could adhere Allowing load and mass to sway my gait I let affliction incapacitate. […]

In Prayer

I Raise My Palms Illness, struggle, troubles advance. Desperate for a fighting chance I shake my fists in grief, despair, I raise my palms to you in prayer.   In sun or rain I used to dance but storms, they drowned my confidence. With you my doubts I used to share. I raise my palms […]

Class of We Made It

Coping with Being Human and Being Christian Yesterday, the weeping came and I couldn’t stop it. It was entirely out of my control. I am looking to move. I am on disability after more than 20 years of teaching elementary school. I live in California. I will start on Medicare in a month-and-a-half, which, with […]