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7 Consequences of AHCA

Rachel Maddow, who, like her or not, has a degree in Health Policy, explains the bottom line in the AHCA – who is hurt and who is helped by the American Health Care Act, just passed 217 to 213 in the House of Representatives.

Tired of it All

As a woman who, in the 1970s and 1980s, was groped during interviews for promotion in business (which I turned down), I have found Trump’s latest predatory comments reprehensible at a deep and visceral level. As a woman who has experience that, I can say with conviction, you never forget. It is an ugly, disturbing […]

This Left Me Speechless

To the Candidates

From Second Philippians (with thanks to the apostle Paul) As I was directed to several verses this morning, it seemed to me a letter is in order to the politicians running for the United States Presidency. As a reminder, the apostle Paul, who was in jail in Rome, wrote to the church in Philippi to […]

Jesus First, Issues Second

As American presidential candidates enter the arena, it’s time for my quadrennial series of posts about our thoughts, words and behavior as Christians around this event. I always seem to approach this with a heavy heart. I worry my words will be ignored by those whose conviction is more important than relationship. Not with me, […]