My Heart’s Content

His voice is in the rising sun,

the melody of songbird scales;

in fragrant, fragile viburnum,

first taste of coffee, fresh and hale.

I breathe the air in of the Son;

the Spirit helps me to prevail.

When daily in relationship

He shapes this unique workmanship.


With Him in me I feel the drum

of Love and Grace; it makes me smile

and feeling this, I know I come

from One who helps me feel worthwhile.

And so I choose His yoke’s rhythm

to walk His beat of many miles.

I see His footsteps in the sand

at noon and follow as He planned.


At twilight closer to day’s end

I lift my praises, say a prayer

to God the Father, Christ my Friend

with tears of joy and love to spare.

He changed me, led me to transcend

the fears, the petty doubts and cares.

It’s love that matters when all’s spent-

His Love that leaves the heart content.


Everyone will know you as My followers if you demonstrate your love to others. (John 13:35)


  1. What a wonderful poem of love and intimacy in God’s constant embrace. Love it! 🙂


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